Why I use DTP

In a previous thread, the question was asked what was compelling about DTP. I realize I’m still a newb (less than a year) and I’m no power user, but here’s my top ten.

What I like about DTPO:

  1. Open more than one window at a time. Absolutely essential.

  2. Import Mail. Mail messages are searchable.

  3. OCR and search. I don’t have to tag to find things.

  4. Classify. In the groups I use regularly, auto classify sends files exactly where I need.

  5. Variety of views. I can choose the view best suited to the current task.

  6. View many kinds of documents within DT. In most cases, I don’t have to launch another program just to view a file.

  7. Sheets and Records. I don’t have to fire up Excel for simple tasks.

  8. Customize icons for groups. I don’t use it for all my groups, but it’s a big help for the ones I use regularly.

  9. Site Sucker. I can download a site and all pages linked to it. Big time saver.

  10. It works. When I was trying out different programs, the first thing that I did was import my collection of documents. Every program I tried choked, except DevonThink.

Enough said.