Why is Bonjour soooo slow?

Olá all, I’m moving, so turning off my NAS for a while and using Bonjour to sync Mac M1 and iPhone 12.

To my great surprise, it is taking at least 5-10 times longer on average to sync a database than with the NAS - why would that be?

Both wired (ligthning) or not.

thanks for any insights,


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Synchronizing DEVONthink To Go is typically slower than synching DEVONthink for Mac due to the different technologies used for the database as well as the overall restrictions of iOS compared to macOS.

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Thanks Eric, I meant DTTG on the iPhone using the NAS and WebDav vs using Bonjour.
Why was NAS (a Synology disk) so much faster than Bonjour? And apparently I can’t sync both my iPhone and my iPad at the “same” time via Bonjour, but I could via the NAS/WebDav.

I recall somewhere Jim saying something about Bonjour being “one at a time”?

That is correct. As this time, only one Bonjour client can connect and sync at a time. Devices will queue up and sync when it’s their turn. However, in general use this doesn’t often cause any appreciable issues.

Tx Jim! - understood. Side question: what are some possible reasons a couple of databases would not sync? And one of them is telling me thousands of “pending” files - I have a suspicion we’ve been there before, so forgive me :slight_smile:

Pending files are ones that haven’t been downloaded or their content can’t be found in a sync location. Having thousands is not a good thing.

Are you indexing files into the database?

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Hm, after a few hours the log stopped saying there were pending files. I think there is an intelligence at work inside DevonThink, a little gnome fixing things.

And, Bonjour was not slow, really, my databases are just massive. But I learned one thing. Turn on donwnload “always” at “root” level for all dbs, because deciding to turn it on later for some DBs where it wasn’t is massively slow.

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And a third thing I learned - set the iPhone / iPad to lock screen “never” while you do all of the database downloading, indexing, spotlighting, preview creation.

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Glad things are improved. And yes, during an import the mobile device ideally should be awake with DEVONthink To Go in the foreground.

tx Jim!

My pleasure, as always. :slight_smile:

Maybe an Option to leave the display on during sync would be great. If you use Exchange on iOS, you can‘t turn of auto-lock and so you‘ve to unlock the device every 5 minutes.


Easy to set in the iOS settings. And ensure “Low Power” is off.

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As I wrote. It is not possible, when you have setup an Exchange account, there is no option „Never“ then. If I disable it, then I can set it to Never.

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Humm. I have two Exchange accounts on my iPhone iOS 15.7.3 and I can still change the screen timeout. Oh well. Your mileage different.

I’d rather Apple control that than DEVONthink put yet more Apple stuff into their app.

Exchange can enforce Locking, it seems. But the server ist not influenced by me, so I need the Apps to do hold the screen awake. Many can do this in some occasions like video playback.