Why is the a Star before some functions such as OCR

I have installed on a new MacBook Pro but some features have a Star before then and I get a dialog box about my licence. What does this mean. Is it because I bought as a student?

If I remember correctly, the star denotes functions which are available in „higher“ editions of DT. You can hide functions which are not available in your edition in the preferences (I can’t remember the wording exactly, it it’ll be obvious to you). It’s not because you have a student version (as far as I know they are identical to the full-price versions), it’s because you have standard vs pro vs server, I think. Does that help?

(Editions are listed here: https://www.devontechnologies.com/apps/devonthink/editions)

Thank you . I thought I had Pro but it is just standard
Thanks for replying

No problem. I’m tempted to say “upgrade to pro, its worth it”, but obviously that actually depends rather on your use case and cash flow. For me, DT is without question one of the best pieces of software I have ever purchased and is certainly the software with the best support I have ever experienced.