Why last reading location in PDF cannot remain?


Whenever I moved away from a PDF and came back to that PDF again, last reading location is lost. In other words, I would be at the top of the PDF again, having to scroll down to the previous reading location.

Has anyone reported this issue? Or did I miss anything?



Open the document in its own window or, in some contexts, in a new tab.

You can then visit another document or view, and on return to the one you were reading your scrolling position is still the same — you haven’t lost your place.

Bill, I think he’s referring to Preview’s feature of returning to the same place a PDF was being viewed when the PDF is re-opened. Open a PDF in Preview, scroll to, say, halfway down page 5. Close the PDF (without saving anything). Reopen the PDF later & it will automatically reopen halfway down page 5.

Denny: I open my PDFs in Preview from DevonThink.

I just signed up to ask this very question as I greatly miss this feature. I have a lot of long PDFs and it would be great if the built in PDF viewer remembered the last viewed page or at least let me set a bookmark. Otherwise, I have to remember the page number I was last reading (my memory sucks!).

bcarpenter, is there a way to have Preview set up to the be default PDF viewer so I do not have to right click and go to the ‘open with…’ menu?

As far as I know, no. I set up a toolbar shortcut for this.

How’d you do that?

I just figured this out myself. Right click and go to customize toolbar and then drag ‘Open Externally’ to your toolbar. This will use your default PDF viewing program as configured via Mac OS X.

bcarpenter, thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

Oh, that. Thought you’d invented a way to put your custom action on the toolbar (an enhancement that some of us have asked for).

bcarpenter may very well have meant that but the ‘Open Externally’ does the trick for now.

Sorry for the confusion. Nothing fancy. Just the Open Externally command.