Why no "save as" for databases?

If databases are to be treated as files in DT Pro, why isn’t there a command to “Save As”?


I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. “Save as” a Word document or something?

It looks to me like the database format in DT Pro is the same as in regular DevonThink, except OS X packages are now used as a “container” folder. This makes them a lot more “atomic” and makes them simple to deal with – you just work with them like a single file and can drag and drop it. If you right click and do “show package contents,” then you can see the 10 database files, backups, and other things contained within. Makes sense to me – the DB format had worked pretty well in the past.

I really like the 3 pane view. That was really bugging me about DT… because there wasn’t a good way to have text files look like mail files, which things like StickyBrain supported.

That’s right. Since packages are used, for all intents and purposes, the user is dealing with a single file. Why shouldn’t it be possible to duplicate it from within DT Pro and rename it, hence “Save as”?