Why not allow us to remove the info section? its repetitive

Please allow us to move the information section to the right or let us hide it. its repetitive. is there a way to remove this? there’s no reason to have it and then the inspector at the same time.

I like to just use my keyboard to go up and down and its annoying, anyway to remove it? especially when turning off inspector and the whole section gets pushed to the right just bc of the info section

Meru View > Hide Details

there’s still an issue where it gets pushed when you touch a folder and then go back to a single file

instead of it showing info, now its a blank space between. it will become blank. maybe they need to push a feature where it takes off that blank after selecting and deselecting a folder

it pushes everything to the left and now there is a blank spot

Development would have to assess this.

oh okay, hopefully they see this and can improve this mechanism

Just wondering but is it intentional that you’re using Columns view? At least on the screenshot it doesn’t look very useful - no (deep) group hierarchy, no details and a very wide left column. List view might be a better option.

yes I do it intentionally, I don’t like to have folders and files in the same place at times, I like to have them go to the next column, it clears up my mind

You could use List view with View > Show Only Documents enabled.

that becomes a mess rather quickly since it just makes them all show as icons in the preview. I would rather just avoid the empty space problem and have the preview only show the selected file I want. I already tried every other method and the columns view is the cleanest for my mind to feel free. im sure the dev team can fix this small issue

Please post a screen capture of what you’re referring to.

don’t get me wrong, I already have that option on, but i still use the column view

Have you enabled the option and use List view, per @cgrunenberg’s suggestion?

The preference Keep groups on top might be useful too.