Wich way to open document directly from table

I use DT Pro 1.5.4 with lot of different type of documents.
I have also one table with lot of same type of documents.
I open the table and see this documents in table.

I will open a document directly from my table. So I should have a links in one column to click.
Or I choose the relevant data record in the table and have one click on a symbol to open the document directly.
I found no solution to do this in simple way in DT to do this.

Have someone an idea ?


As far as I remember (it’s been a while that I’ve used v1.x :wink:), it’s possible via the contextual menu’s “Open” command and maybe by double-clicking too.

Thanks for quick answer.

Don’t work.
a) contextual open data record
b) double-clicking switch in edit mode.

What is the solution in DTP 2 ?


DEVONthink Pro 2 doesn’t not support form/record views at the moment.