Wider markdown margins

Hello, DevonThinkers! I’ve been away for a while but now I’m back, and I love the WYSIWIG editing you added to the Markdown editor on the desktop.

Now for a request: Margin widths? The text currently goes out to 100%, but wider margins would be more readable. IAWriter lets you set “characters per line” in preferences. I have it set to 80. Obsidian just has an on/off toggle for "readable line length; whatever formula they use, it works very well.

Previous discussion on this subject:

Of course I’d also like WYSIWIG Markdown in DTTG, but it’s not a priority for me as I don’t currently do much work in DTTG.


Thank you for the request, we might consider this for future releases.


I’ve found a workaround—set the Devonthink window to center of screen, 1/3 width, full height, which can be automated with your window manager of choice—I like Moom. And use Hazeover to black out everything else in the background.

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If you’re looking for the width in rendered view then it’s possible with max-width: 80ch

Helpful, but I’d like the character width in the source view. Thanks anyway, though!

You might want to use another Markdown editor – there’s a bunch out there permitting more fine-tuning than DT. And they work together with DT just fine.