Widescreen + Best Alternative = gray space?

New user here. I have imported Word documents into a DEVONthink database, and I am hoping to read them on a large monitor (2560 x 1440 px). When I set the DEVONthink display to “Widescreen” and the document to “Best Alternative,” the document appears properly formatted but in small text. The options under View>Zoom are grayed out. I can use the trackpad to pinch and zoom, enlarging the text, but then I don’t see the full width of the document. The document is surrounded by unused gray space on both sides, which I can’t seem to change. Is there a way to widen the column in which the document displays, so I can zoom into the text? Thanks.

Welcome @zschrag

Sorry, but no there’s no way around this. Proprietary document types, Like Word documents, use Apple’s QuickLook framework for displaying in DEVONthink. The mask you see is also seen if you select a Word document in the Finder and press the Spacebar to open a QuickLook view, then try to zoom into it via pinching in and out.

Thanks for this informative reply.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: