Wie bleibt die Grösse des Dokumentenfensters immer gleich?

Wir können beide weder das eine noch das andere belegen :wink:

Not an issue for me.

Finder, Mail & Xcode work like DEVONthink when showing/hiding sidebars or inspectors, the size of the window remains the same.

@cgrunenberg A DT database:
Sidebar on the left, documents in the middle, document view on the right.

hide/show the sidebar (⌘⌃1).

Now do the same in the Finder. Can you see the difference? :wink:

No difference over here, size of window remains the same and size of item list changes.

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The two “partial windows” that remain visible in the Finder keep their size when the sidebar is shown/hidden, no?

Two partial windows? Do you mean the columns of columns view? That’s actually a different story and a feature only of this view, it’s the same in DEVONthink. The Finder was actually a bad example as it doesn’t have a document preview pane/tab like DEVONthink, Mail or Xcode do.

Thank you @cgrunenberg. I have automated this. Everything is now displayed the way I want it.

Please let me ask another question. When I search for something (⌘⌥f) then click on a document, I can have it shown to me in the database (⌘r).

This arrow takes me back to the search results.

But the original document is no longer highlighted. Is there a way that this document remains highlighted so that I know where I was in the search?

That’s currently not possible but noted for an upcoming release.

Care to share how?

I’ll do that :slightly_smiling_face: Even if I don’t know what for. Nobody is bothered by it. It’s not an issue, is it? :wink:

May I ask one last question? Workspaces are very useful. Unfortunately (for me), they also save the current document. So if I’m working in a document and just want to change the “layout”, I also lose focus on my document.

Would an option be possible to save a workspace with or without a doc?

Ah, and thanks @cgrunenberg that’s good to know.

Only via scripting. Workspaces save the current windows regardless of the content of their content. You could use this to load a workspace but preserve currently open windows…

tell application id "DNtp" to load workspace "My Workspace"

Thanks @BLUEFROG but when I run the script unfortunately nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?


By the way, the other problem can be solved well with workspaces. eg with and without sidebar. I adjust the windows and save two workspaces. Automating with another app is not necessary at all. Just in case anyone else ever has the same question. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s in Keyboard Maestro. It should be in Applications/Utilities/Script Editor.

  1. Open /Applications/Utilities/Script Editor.app.
  2. Paste the desired code.
  3. Select Script > Compile to ensure it’s compiling properly.
  4. Select File > Save.
  5. In the Save dialog, press Command-Shift-G and paste ~/Library/Application Scripts/com.devon-technologies.think3/Menu. You can save into that directory or a subfolder of your choice.
  6. Give the script your desired name and save it. The script should now be available in the Scripts menu in DEVONthink.

Mmm, I’m not getting anywhere. When saving, this error message appears.

KM is basically able to execute other scripts from the DT Script folder. I have copied “Count Characters” and can run it. From this I conclude that something is wrong with the workspace script. But I don’t understand much about it.

You have typographer’s quotes in the pasted text. You need to use straight double-quotes.

Just fixed the initial code snippet for you :slight_smile:

Thank you both. Since I have little idea about such scripts, I just copied what I got. :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, now it works, but the current document is still not preserved. :man_shrugging:

Please post a screenshot before/after loading the workspace, thank you.

I’m not sure what you need exactly. That is the starting situation.

When I run the script, the doc that was used to save the workspace is displayed again.