Wiki links and aliases

I’m discovering the features of using aliases as Wiki-type links in RTF files on macOS. I really like this a lot. It is faster than UUIDs, and if one also uses the alias in the document’s name, it provides a fallback should metadata ever get corrupted.

However, it is unclear to me to what extent Wiki-type links are supported in DTG. This includes, seeing and setting aliases for documents, creating/editing Wiki-style links in RTF files, and of course, using the links to jump to target documents (and back).

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WikiLink creation is not supported in DTTG at this time. It may be a feature of the next major version.


Another vote for the Wiki-Links feature in DTTO. I was surprised to find that it wasn’t there after purchasing the app.

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Yes please! My archive of wiki-linked notes, I just realized, are not in fact linked on the IPad ;(