Wiki Links vs Regular Document Links

So in DevonThink to Go, Wiki links are not working, but regular links are working. Is there a change in either DevonThink to Go or Devon Think to somehow enable the ability to use regular links instead in DevonThink to Go.

I have started using WikiLinks as a base to create some structured documents, and it would be so much easier if I can take it on the road with me. While I can use the links of the document it is a royal pain to do so.


WikiLinks are not supported in DEVONthink To Go (and never have been). They may be a feature of the next major version.



Pretty Please with sugar on top :slight_smile:

The only think that I ask if you can, please recommend what to use for Wiki that “may” be supported in the future. So basically giving us guidance as to if you will support this on the TO GO what you think would be the support.

Markdown, RTF, etc… and then what you think would be the most compatible (example: Square Brackets, Mashed Words).

I am not saying that you are committing to anything just kind of plan in to the future, if you would support Wiki Links what will you support. The reason is that if you are undergoing to recreate a wiki structure for certain purposes in DevonThink, might as well do it with the concept of what may be supported in the future instead of having to redo everything.


+1 for WikiLinks in DEVONthink To Go. I am currently working on a personal knowledge management/second brain database and I am using Wiki Links extensively throughout with Markdown files. Its a pain not to see them when I refer to the documents in DTTG.

I am using double brackets to trigger mine. I would hope that if it becomes a feature that all of the options for creating wiki links that are supported in DT3 would also be recognized in DTTG.


Also would love to see WikiLinks in DEVONthink To Go. I use them heavily and have always just searched on iOS but as I move more and more work to exclusively iOS DEVONthink starts to loose it’s utility.


+1 for support for [[]] links in DTTG.

My use-case is similar to @rlamber3’s: specifically I am using MD files and use wiki-links to connect multiple documents with each other.

On a similar note, I was experimenting with “Notion”-like feature, specifically I am trying to build a dashboard for my key assets to which I link back via wiki-links. Following observations:

  • this does not work in DTTG (this just broke my heart as I was really positive that I would be able to build this with DTTG as on-the-go is a very important requirement for me)
  • if the name of the links file changes this stops to work as well

2 questions:

  1. Is there a way (script?) to dynamically check for any name changes and get them corrected automatically?
  2. Is there a way to programmatically get a x-devonthink-link in addition to [[]] link -> this would work as a workaround for DTTG while there is no native support for [[]] yet. To do that manually would be really a lot of waste.

This is a basic example of what I am trying to achieve

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Further digging in the forum brought me to “Insert Item Link” menu command and a simple KM script to accelerate my workaround mentioned in 2.
Here is a very basic script to achieve this:

What I was able to do is something like that with both wiki link (which works on Mac) and x-devonthink link (which works on IOS).

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iOS ≠ macOS and DEVONthink To Go and DEVONthink do not have feature-parity. Automatic WikiLinks are not a simple mechanism to implement but may be part of a future release. It’s on the very long list of possible features.



Do you plan to add wikilink support to DTTG 3 anytime soon?

Welcome @Perfido_Pelato

Not anytime soon. This requires underlying technical changes as well as new text editing frameworks to work properly.

Will DevonThink on the Mac retroactively recognize links? That is, if I type [[Make a Link]] in a document in DTTG, then sync the document, will DT make the link for me?

Thank you @BLUEFROG, I’m an Evernote user (since 2010) and I’m currently evaluating DevonThink: I’ve played with it just half day and I found it really remarkable.

I share some notes and documents with my wife, who’s a Windows / Android user. Now I’m trying to find a solution to use DT while keep sharing with her, by taking advantage of the indexing feature of DT and using Obsidian as a middleman.

You’re welcome and thanks for the kind words!

Indeed that will work provided you’ve enabled the square bracket syntax in DEVONthink, per your example.

I have also just come across this issue and was looking for a workaround. I found a script for converting WikiLinks to Markdown links based on x-devonthink-link syntax in the forum, perhaps that’s helpful for anyone stumbling across this thread in the future.

And if you haven’t seen it you can control/right click any wiki link (in edit mode if using markdown) and select > convert to item link. If you hold the option key this can convert all wiki - links to item links. It’s pretty cool…

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Didn’t know about this :exploding_head: I’ve been agonising about the best way to link notes together, but this feature solves it for me. Thanks for pointing this out.

That feature is very handy, and if you haven’t seen Bluefrogs suggestion

This helps create wiki-links on the fly, and then you can use the contextual menu to convert if you need. But this includes important a backlink.

The edit > inert > item link is also pretty handy for directly creating markdown links, or use control-cmd E, but not quite as smooth as the [[ method.

I would love to see an option of all links being created as item links as they are more robust and iOS friendly.

Bear does this exact thing, so it’s definitely possible (but of course Bear is not DT nor has any of it’s superpowers).

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The script was written before the built-in command (see below) was introduced.

To convert wikilinks of more that one record at once the script is still useful.

I agree Pete31, you’re script is still going to come in handy, and would be a good one to hard bake into one of DT3 official script offerings.

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