Wiki Links vs Regular Document Links

So in DevonThink to Go, Wiki links are not working, but regular links are working. Is there a change in either DevonThink to Go or Devon Think to somehow enable the ability to use regular links instead in DevonThink to Go.

I have started using WikiLinks as a base to create some structured documents, and it would be so much easier if I can take it on the road with me. While I can use the links of the document it is a royal pain to do so.

WikiLinks are not support in DEVONthink To Go (and never have been). They may be a feature of the next major version.


Pretty Please with sugar on top :slight_smile:

The only think that I ask if you can, please recommend what to use for Wiki that “may” be supported in the future. So basically giving us guidance as to if you will support this on the TO GO what you think would be the support.

Markdown, RTF, etc… and then what you think would be the most compatible (example: Square Brackets, Mashed Words).

I am not saying that you are committing to anything just kind of plan in to the future, if you would support Wiki Links what will you support. The reason is that if you are undergoing to recreate a wiki structure for certain purposes in DevonThink, might as well do it with the concept of what may be supported in the future instead of having to redo everything.