Wiki-style Link

I tried using Wiki-stye Links in some research files I’m working with. I changed my mind about using them and now can’t remove the links and it is not clear how to do so.

If I Control Click on the linked term, sometimes I get a drop down menu that has “Remove Link” in it, which works. Other times, I click on the word, and a different menu appears with “Open Link” or “Open Link in New Tab” And sometimes I get a menu with the options “Make Link” “Add Link” and “Link To …”

It doesn’t seem I’m doing anything different when I click on the term, but the results appear to be random.

I must be missing something.

I’ve checked the manual and searched the topic here and find nothing useful.

Help please,

Have you turned off the Automatic WikiLink option in the Preferences?

Hi Jim:

That does it, thank you. Now the link destination opens in a new tab. Thank you.

Which reminds me to also ask, I’m having trouble managing “browser behavior” in DT these days. For instance, I have a folder for English literature. It now has a back arrow in the upper left corner. If I click on that, I go back through every previous file I looked at. I find this very confusing. The files are right there, visible; I don’t need to back up from the folder to find them; this is also true of the files. I would prefer that a folder show nothing but the thumbnails of its content and not act like a browser. Is this an option?


No, it’s not an option. The behavior is specifically designed to allow the user to backtrack through documents without needing to reselect them. This behavior isn’t limited to the current group either.


Best option for me is not to use it!