WIki Style Links in Annotations


I’d like to use WIki Style links as a way of refering to other documents. The best way to do this seems to be to use the annotations tab. But as far as I can see, the link selector doesn’t seem to work there. The only option seems to be to move to the actual annotation file, at which point they can be added.

Is this correct, or am I missing something?


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It’s a thing: Improve Wiki Linking

I’m not near my mac right now but there’s a setting to enable it (but it doesn’t work in DTTG).

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What link selector are you referring to?

Actually, typing in WikiLinks will work in the Annotation file. However, they aren’t shown or active as WikiLinks in the Annotations & Reminders inspector.
@cgrunenberg ?

I’m referring to the ability to start a wiki link with square brackets, and be given a list of possible documents to link to

@psidnell - thanks for the link. I think that is a different thing; e.g. some improvements to automatic linking, which looks useful.

But my particular request is whether the existing functionality can be implemented in the annotations box, too. This would give a quick way to link to other documents just using a wiki link. It seems odd that this is implemented in one editor box but not another.



The Annotations field wasn’t originally built for what you’re referring to. Development will have to assess this.

I can see how that might be useful. I guess the disadvantage would be the creation of redundant annotation files whose only purpose is to store links to other documents.

I do however think that would be useful, kind of like how the hook app creates bidirectional links between multiple documents (a one-many type relationship). I often wonder how to link documents together in this way, would be very handy if baked into the system.

This isn’t supported in the inspector currently, one of the next release will add this.

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That’s brilliant — I see that this is now fixed in the most recent release. That is a very impressive turnaround time!

Many thanks for doing this. I think this will make the annotations box way more useful. I’m excited to try all the other markdown / linking enhancements that are mentioned in the release notes.

This is good timing; just as my trial expired and have now purchased DT3 Pro.