Wiki-style Versioning and Change History

I’d like to request wiki-style tracking of changes to imported (copied I guess) and internally created documents. So if I create an RTF note in Devonthink, and modify it, there is a log of the changes (line by line or more detailed depending on settings?), some way of seeing what changes where made, when, they were made and viewing/comparing old versions of the document (like DIFF). The same for imported documents (pdfs, webpages etc.) If I’m mistaken and this functionality is already in existence could someone point me in the right direction, my searching on the forums and through the documentation was unfruitful.


Simple answer: DEVONthink doesn’t support any type of revision/version management/history.

Thanks sjk, is there any sort of push in implementing this feature?

I don’t recall it being suggested/discussed on the forum but maybe someone from Dtech does.

Generally, the more development/support resources something will take (and I suspect this would be non-trivial) primarily for the benefit of a small minority of customers seems less likely to be implemented. Of course there can be “exceptional” reasons to fulfill certain requests that normally wouldn’t be.

That may or may not be applicable to Dtech. I don’t have any specific, inside information on how they prioritize requests and know nothing about the amount/content of ones they receive privately.

That’s correct. The more users who support a feature request, the more likely that feature is to be included in development planning, if possible.

I don’t recall ever seeing another request for database-wide version management, including changes for all filetypes. I would expect that would pose significant development issues, with potential impacts on database size and performance.

If I want to edit a document and preserve the previous version as well, a simple approach is to duplicate the document prior to changing it. A simple system for naming the series of versions can be used. Sometimes I do that, especialluy when I’m on a writing project. But normally, I don’t want automatic versioning of every change to a document. And even for a writing project during which I’ve kept earlier versions, I’ll probably delete all but the final document when finished. Generally, when I’m searching for a document, I would find it confusing to see multiple listings of it in the search list.

There are, of course, some cases where versioning management is critical, for example, documentation of any changes to a laboratory notebook, in which all changes should be documented, including the name of the person who made the change and the date of the change. I would suggest management of such documents by opening them under external software, which is designed to meet the specific legal or quality assurance standards for that document.

If robust version control is needed, then consider using a subversion client such as Versions.