Wikilink completion on aliases: is it supposed to work?

I use square bracket notation for wikilinks ([[something]]). It seems that in my DEVONthink 3.9 on macOS 10.15, the completion of documents when I start typing [[ does not take into consideration aliases. If I have a document named foo and it has an alias bar, then after typing [[b, I don’t get a completion for bar, but I do get a completion for foo if I start typing [[f.

Is it supposed to work for aliases too? If so, is there a setting that controls the behavior? Maybe I changed something long ago and forgot all about it …

There is a separate setting for Names & Aliases.
Square bracket syntax matches names.

Ack, when I looked earlier, I didn’t notice that the first group of checkboxes was not a set of radio boxes like the second group is:

More embarrassing, I now remember I knew this in the past …

Anyway, thanks!

No worries and you’re welcome.