Wikilinks break with '$' in the text

When I have a markdown file with a string/dollar sign in the text wikilinks break. I have tried to escape the text without success. Is there a setting I can use to fix this or it is a bug?

It seems I can not post links or screenshots.

Welcome @michaelpporter

Development woul have to assess this.

Note: It generally is not a good practice to use punctuation other than spaces, hyphens, underscores, and periods in a filename.

Thank you for the response.

It’s not in the file name it’s in a code block in a markdown file

$var = x

Interesting. I have confirmed this here.

It appears it’s affecting the source code but not the preview…

Development will have to take a look at this.
Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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If you leave the document then come back the preview is affected, for me at least.

PS, if you put three $ it it will parse ok.

$$$var y = 2:

Thanks. Yes, there is something inconsistent going on. We’ll look into it.

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