Wikilinks in a Directory Hierarchy

I have a rather large gitit wiki that I want to import into devonthink.

The problem of the moment is how to handle links to other pages in the wiki directory hierarchy with posix paths, eg.




to link to the “appointments” page in the parent directory.

I have thousands of these sorts of links, Converting them to


is onerous and not human friendly for paths within the wiki directory hierarchy (which is still there in the devonthink database!).

How should I handle this?


– Perry

Did you try to index the top level folder (instead of import)?

(Even if your final goal is to import everything you need to first index the whole structure anyway as DEVONthink doesn’t store files in the same way as you know it from Finder. Without indexing there’s no way to resolve the relative links).



relative links now work, but


absolute links don’t.

And, actually, it doesn’t know where to cut my “..” climbing off, and now I’m wandering around my file system. Ick?