WikiLinks on DTTG

On DT3 for Mac I have some settings for WikiLinks. – Where are they on DTTG?

WikiLinks aren’t currently supported in DEVONthink To Go.

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That explains why there’s no setting for it. :wink:

Indeed, the logical conclusion :smiley:

Is that on the radar? I use wiki links all the time in other apps, and I’m trying to migrate all my notes into DT. I need to be able to use DTTG as a portable viewer (at the least) before I can fully switch, though. Here’s a silly example of how I’d like to use it:

  • I’m at a restaurant. I have my wife’s favorite order in my notes.
  • I open DTTG and tap on my favorited “Orders Index” note.
  • In that note, I see a list of restaurants where I’ve written down past orders.
  • I tap on the restaurant I’m in and see my wife’s preferences.
  • I order, take it home, and am the hero for getting the meal just right.

I actually do exactly this in another app today, and that list of restaurants is a bunch of wiki links to their individual pages. I know I could rewrite all those notes to use regular Markdown links instead, but I have literally thousands of notes to go through. And besides that, I love using wiki links and would prefer not to switch to the other different syntax.

It’d be great if DTTG eventually supported writing wiki links as well as the Mac app does. However, it would be tremendously helpful for my purposes even if it only supported rendering the links so I can tap them on the go.

Yes, WikiLinks are on the radar. Even high on the radar. But they are also a technical challenge and there’s so much more on the table too. But, yes, not forgotten :slightly_smiling_face:


I can live with that. Thanks!

Not wishing to pester, but is this in the works? I’m currently making do with apps that are far inferior to DTTG in other ways, but very handy for making linked notes. I’d love to drop them like hot potatoes and use DTTG exclusively so that I can have their convenience with DT’s superpowers!

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Be patient for a little bit longer, please. :slight_smile:

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Crossing my fingers!

(You might have guessed I really like DT and want to use it even more. :slightly_smiling_face:)

We appreciate hearing that too :slight_smile:

Hey, I see what you did there! Thank you, team!

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Special thanks → @aedwards :smiling_face:


Thank you so much for implementing the WikiLinks feature in DTTG :heart: Such a great work and it’s really awesome! :dizzy::blush: I just played around with it and it works fantastic!

While using the “Names and Aliases” option, maybe I noticed two potential minor bugs:

  1. While being in edit mode of a Markdown file, WikiLiks work perfectly for both “Name” and “Aliases”. However, when leaving the edit mode (i.e., simply viewing the Markdown file) only the “Name”-WikiLinks appear as clickable links but not the Aliases (they are displayed as normal text). Turning back into edit mode, both “Names” and “Aliases” appear as clickable links again.
  2. When the name or alias of the Markdown file appears in the same Markdown itself, it becomes a clickable WikiLink as well. E.g. when you have a file called “Topic X” and you write about “Topic X” inside the same file, it’s recognized as a WikiLink.

Please just let me know if you need further information.

I can’t get this to work. Can anyone talk me through the steps please?

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@aedwards might want to chime in here.

Thanks, I can reproduce this and will add a fix for the next update


Have you turned on wiki link support in the settings? By default it is off.

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Awesome! Great and thanks :blush::+1:

Oh, cool. I was going to report the same bug. It’s not a dealbreaker.