WikiLinks templates: %@ for new note name — any other hidden placeholders?


In WikiLink Templates, the placeholder %@ inserts the name of the note which is being created.

Are there any more placeholders like this? (i.e. NOT the ones you can create using Insert > Placeholders, but those like %@.)

I can’t find any mention of such ‘unofficial’ placeholders in the Help files (even %@ isn’t specifically mentioned, AFAICS, other than in a screenshot.)

Specifically, I’m looking for the equivalent of TextExpander’s / Keyboard Maestro’s ‘Cursor Finishes Here’ feature, but I’d been interested in the full list (if there are any more, of course…)


That’s the only one (and specific to Wiki templates)

Thanks for the quick reply, Chris!

An ‘insert cursor here’ general placeholder would be useful at some point, if possible (not essential, of course, just nice to have…)

Thanks again,