I think I am right in saying that wikilinks are case sensitive, right? Is there any way to make them case insensitive?


Yes, Wiki links are case sensitive, as they look for the exact string that makes up the name of the linked document.

But there is a workaround. In the Info panel of the file to which you wish to link, you can add aliases, perhaps both the exact and no-case versions of the name. Now, when you type one of the alias references in a document, a Wiki link will be created. Read about aliases in online Help.

Remember also that you can create a static link to another document, using any selected text string, using the contextual menu option “Link To”.

it would be great if this were simply an option in Dt preferences in regards to wikilinks. A check-box telling it to be case-sensitive or not. Any possibilities?

This will be probably possible in a future release.

Any updates on this? It’s a feature I’d enthusiastically embrace.

Not at the moment. We’re heavly working on some exciting new features and products, and so smaller features like this sometimes have to wait, I am afraid. We need to prioritize our (long!) to-do list.

Well, I’m rooting for you guys, whatever you’re doing. Hope you get to this eventually :slight_smile: