Will DT database be corrupted if something went wrong in ver 3.0

I am planning to test ver 3.0 with my current 2.n database but want to clarify a few questions before I go ahead.

  1. If for any reason the 3.0 corrupts the database can I just use ver 2.n to rebuild the database?

  2. Will most/all 2.n scripts work or I have to test them one by one?

  3. Is it better for me to duplicate the current 2.0 database as new database and use it for testing?

  4. If I turn on sync for 3.0 should I first turn-off the sync or must delete the sync files in 2.n. And, if I use 3.0 in one computer must I use 3.0 on the other synchronising computer, too?

  5. I have quite a number of externally index files and is there a risk that 3.0 may delete or corrupt those externally index files?

  6. I don’t seem to find the info for upgrade pricing from 2.n to 3.0 or I’m not looking at the right place in the website?

  7. One restriction of 2.n is that the name of the root folder that is linked to DTPO can’t be changed and is this restriction also apply for 3.0?

Thank you very much in advance

I was able to buy DT3 at an upgrade price, I think you need to do it through your DEVONthink account.
With respect to your other queries, I found the transition to DT3 seamless, however as it is still in beta it would be at your own risk.

The upgrade process from 2.n to 3.0 is defined (end of the page):

Here you should find the specific upgrading pricing for you.

Health warning - I’m a user, not a DT support person - hope these are helpful

This is a beta (test) version of DT3 - there is some risk, albeit small. IO expect that you would be able to rebuild the database in DT2, but there is some risk that you might lose something in the process. It would be wise to have frequent backups, just in case. Once DT3 is formally released, you’ll be able to get a more definitive answer

The install updates some of the standard scripts. If you have custom or other scripts, you should check they’re OK. That’s partly what the beta is for, to let the DT guys (and the rest of us) know if anything doesn’t work.

Certainly safer. This is beta software, it may have bugs. Please be careful

You can sync 2 and 3 to the same sync store - but (sorry to repeat myself :smile:) it’s beta and there may be some risk. The safest way would be to set. up. a separate sync store, but then your 2 and 3 databases will not sync with each other. You have to choose what balance of risk works for you. I’m using the same sync store, with copies/backups of the DT2 databases just in case

I’d say “no” - all the indexing does is to create a pointer in the DT database to the location of the indexed file - it doesn’t do anything to the file itself

Linked from the. blogpost

Don’t know - I assume it does

You can also use version 3 to rebuild & repair databases (actually that’s recommended to avoid loss of metadata only supported by the new version).

The integrated scripts and the ones available in the support assistant are compatible, others might have to be updated (especially those using tell application id “com.devon-technologies.thinkpro2”)

No. A good backup strategy makes more sense and if you’re going to synchronize duplicated databases via version 2 & 3 this could create a mess.

Indexed groups can be renamed in DEVONthink 3, this renames also the folder.

Thanks for the advices.

In the process of testing 3.0, it seems that I can no longer adjust the resolution of OCR in preferences. Because of this, the resolution of the converted searchable pdf is now lower than the original pdf. Not sure if this is by design.

What was the original resolution?

I don’t know how to check the resolution of a scanned pdf. The scanner (brother MFC) is set at colour-200 DPI.

I will try to scan and OCR some new docs to see whether it’s just one file or not.

The new engine should actually retain the resolution.