Will my encrypted database be corrupted during sync to cloud drive if it is open?

If I am syncing my encrypted database to a cloud drive using Arq, do I have to close it down each time before Arq does a sync?

Will keeping my database open mean it could get corrupted?

Assuming that it’s only a backup and the database is only uploaded to Arq by one computer, then this shouldn’t cause any issues. But the uploaded copy might actually be corrupted/damaged if DEVONthink modifies the database while Arq uploads it.

So what would you say is best practice?

Create a manual backup on disk then let Arq do the rest?

A manual backup while the database is closed would be the safest option. Or an automatic backup e.g. scheduled during the night (assuming that DEVONthink isn’t opened all the time).

Got it, thank you.

I think Arq - like TimeMachine - uses snapshots, so the upload should not suffer from any changes due to database access. I’m not sure whether that is dependent on using APFS though?

Considering the number of failed attempts to restore a Time Machine backup I wouldn’t rely on this. At least not only on this.

Thanks for that feedback. @MAM I initiated a thread on backups some while back, describing my methods. Numerous others chipped in. I have at least monthly backups of closed databases to Arq and WORM media, with regular backups of open databases to Arq, CCC and TM. In my tests, open databases were always intact on restore. That is no guarantee, of course, but leaves me hopeful.

Personally I’m a big fan of handcrafted, regular & archived backups :face_with_hand_over_mouth: And of course tested backup strategies - testing it for the first time in case of emergency isn’t the greatest idea.


@Blanc, thanks I’ll take a look.