Will there be a plugin that allows uploading PDFs to ASKyour PDF to analyse them with ChatGPT?

That would be my suggestion anyway. Maybe there is an even better solution :slight_smile:

This has already been discussed in other threads. We are not commenting on this other than we are investigating possible integration. There are questions about the performance and privacy when using such services.


Claude - you might consider this app, which is Mac-native and has no troublesome cloud component.

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Hello Gordon, that sounds very interesting. I’ve actually been looking for software like this that eliminates the need to upload documents, as is the case with ASK you PDF. Strange that I haven’t found it yet. Do you use the software yourself?

I don’t really want to hand OpenAI any kind of access to a huge library of personal information but I’d love a local-LLM integrated with DEVONthink and complementing its existing AI.

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