Wish: color-code in-document search results when more than one term are searched

I’d love to be able to quickly fly through the contents of searches like this, by very quickly scrolling through the search results in order to only click on one of the two terms that were searched. In this case, I’m looking for instances of “James Noyes,” but I have to do this carefully because all the (bold text) results are the same color. Thanks for considering!

If you are only looking for “James Noyes”, why have you included “Newberry” in this search?

Because I’m doing a very wide search. I want to see all items in a particular database containing both words. If I omitted Newbury, I’d have many hundred results–too much :slight_smile:.

Of course, once the results appear, I can then select the first item in the results list, click Search in the right nav bar (for just that one item), delete Newbuy, and carry on. Conveniently, Newbury then stays deleted when I click the search box for each subsequent result, but in order for the search to actually perform results without Newbury, I have to drop a cursor next to “James Noyes” and hit enter.

By keeping the inspector (right nav) fixed on search mode, and then clicking each subsequent item in the search results–so as to automatically begin searching/combing through each item I click on, the results are of course going to render both terms.

My deleting “newbury” saves as such, automatically, for each subsequent result I click on, but in order to focus the results to “James Noyes,” I have to get that cursor over there, and click enter, to re-generate a search within each item.

Pressing Cmd-F, editing the search term and pressing Return should be sufficient.

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