Wish list - add an expansion caret (ability to expand) to groups in Favorites

I notice that I often want to put a group and a few of its subgroups in Favorites. It would make Favorites less crowded and easier to read if I could put the parent in Favorites and easy access to subgroups with an expansion caret.
thank you


Thank you for the suggestion!

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Bear in mind this would also affect the Go > Favorites menu. :thinking:

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yes, you are right, like navigating a database

Depending on the depth of your hierarchy this could lead to a long cascade of subgroups :thinking:

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yes. I would see 2 solutions:

  • an option in preferences to create favorite subgroups or not
  • to structure the favorites so that only favorite subgroups are added to the parent. In practical terms: if a favorite is added and a parent already exists, it becomes a favorite subgroup of the parent.

I like the idea of the second option but I fear it would lead to support tickets from people wondering why their subgroups (non-favorited ones) have disappeared! :flushed::upside_down_face:

Interesting idea though.

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you are the support expert, so it’s sth to consider

When I read your original post, I assumed that this was what you meant anyway. I like the idea.

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Yes, this is absolutely what I meant from the start. Otherwise, it would defeat the purpose of favorites (a selected few). thank you for your comment.