Wish list: automatic update of item link

Hello, Procedure

  1. created new RTF file, with default name “RTF Template…”
  2. I inserted a link to that item in the body of the item
  3. I changed the item name to “this is a test”

The title of the link keeps the old name. It would be nice if it were automatically updated to the new name. This happens with apps such as Bear.

In the meantime, is there a workaround aside from re-creating the link ?

thanks in advance for your time and help

See Preferences > WikiLinks > Update item link names automatically or Tools > Item Links > Update Name of Item Links.

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thank you Christian

works fine

does not work, even after testing again in a new item and after multiple quit → restart of DevonThink

Did you rename the linked item?

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yes, many items, many times.
example a minute ago, newly created, than renamed

And what did you rename - the selected item in the item list or the linked template? Or are both the same, meaning the item is linking to itself?

I renamed the item in the item list.
Yes, the item is linking to itself. It’s useful when I copy an item to another app like Bear, I can return to the original item in DevonThink

The link should be updated as long as the document is not linking to itself. Kind of unexpected usage scenario :slight_smile:

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I understand and thank you for the explanation.
I frequently use self-links as a way to work around the absence of bilateral links (example Hook app). I am surprised that it is not widely request by users.

Sorry to bother you again.
If I drag and drop a item from item list in DevonThink into another app (for example the body of a Bear Note), I end up in Bear with the equivalent of a copy paste of the whole content of the item in DevonThink.
Is there any way so that the when I drag and drop the DevonThink item into a Bear note, so that I end up with the link to the DevonThink item pasted into the Bear Note.
I tried these variants of drag and drop: simple (no modifiers), cmd drag and drop, opt drag and drop, opt cmd drag and drop.
Is there a variant of drag and drop that you can suggest ?
thank you

There’s no such option, it’s completely up to the destination app currently to choose one of the options provided by DEVONthink (e.g. whether to use contents, files, paths or URLs)