Wish list: increase horizontal size of reading pane for MS Word DOCX documents

My comments pertain to viewing a DOCX document either in the reading pane (⌘6 and ⌘7) or opening it (⌘O) in DevonThink, not opening it in MS Word.

File: DOCX file consisting of some annotations I made from your manual in liquid text exported as DOCX. DOCX margins are set to narrow (which means that it is not a problem margins being too large).
Note that DOCX is the only export option for annotations (the PDF option is terribly buggy).

Problem: if I increase zoom, I can no longer reader text at the margins horizontal. This problem does not occur with other files like RTF, RTFD, HTML, PDF etc

thank you

DEVONthink doesn’t support Office documents on its own, the preview is based on Quick Look (like in the Finder).

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This is not a DEVONtech issue. It’s an issue with the QuickLook generator provided by Microsoft and this has been the case for years. Try using QuickLook on a .docx File in the Finder and you’ll see the same behavior.

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thank you @BLUEFROG and @cgrunenberg
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You as well :slight_smile: