Wish list item: better support for scholarly databases

I regularly make use of multiple scholarly databases to which I have access through several different institutions with which I am affiliated (some of which use EZProxy, while others have different ways of handling authentication). Doing research means visiting the various institutional portals, authenticating, clicking through to the relevant resources, etc. To be able to set all this up as a search set in DEVONagent Pro would be extremely convenient.

However, my first attempts at getting started with plugins for DEVONagent were less than encouraging. The supplied plugin for JSTOR was returning results that were clearly a little “off” (zero hits for a famous English author). My attempts to roll my own plugin for Gale Literature Resource Center following the “Creating Your Own Plugins” article were unsuccessful.

For whatever it’s worth, I hope that the ability to search scholarly databases is still a priority for DEVONagent.

This is exactly part of the problem, as well as how content is delivered by search engines. With ever-changing technologies, these are often moving targets as well.