Wishlist for DTTG

I have been enjoying DTTG 2, and it has definitely become my go to app on iOS. I have a list of suggestions for upcoming releases. Some have been discussed, some are pie in the sky, and some probably can’t be done, but I will put them out here anyway.

Ability to reorder databases to top in main list
Back button for the help menu
Ability to choose folders for web captures, with a last used list like DTPO
PDF web capture
Global settings for things like showing items details, with ability to override for each group
Smart group syncing from DTPO
Longer term, ability to create smart groups
Web clipping of bookmarks does not appear to work in Apple News
Easy way to switch between card and layout view, maybe in View Options
Ability to change the width of columns of groups, etc.
A save plus button like OmniFocus where you can enter multiple, say, text items one after the other
Holding down the top left navigation does not take you back to the home screen on iPad, only iPhone
It would be nice to show levels of folders on left, with ability to fold. Not sure if this is possible on iOS. Maybe just show two levels like Ulysses.
A three column view like Ulysses where you can swipe columns to open and close would be nice
An option to show word count and other statistics
Markdown features on keyboard (I know it has been discussed, and this was recently missed when I was creating a Markdown document). It may not be feasible for DTTG
It would be nice in the more distant future to be able to change font and possibly theme, but not anything necessary. Just nice to have.

Just checked, works on my test iPad mini 2.

Works for me on an iPad Pro 9.7"

Nice list of suggestions.


I would also like to see, in the left-hand database view, an indication (i.e., the sync store name) of which sync store that database was synced from and an indicator whether that database is “clean” (no sync needed) or “dirty” sync needed. Maybe a small dot when “dirty”.

Holding down the top left navigation still does not work on my iPad 2. Not a big deal and I will keep testing.

Just a few more ideas I had as I use DTTG2.

I am not sure who writes the interface, but it would be nice to have hooks into IFTTT to extend some of the feature set.

It would also be nice to be able to do some type of quick save of audio files. I take a lot of audio notes on the road and would like to have quick buttons to save.

Like I said I am impressed with program and just offering ideas as they come to me.

How about hooks into workflow? :wink:

Definitely on the list for a later 2.x release.

Can you maybe send a screen capture (connect your iPad with the cable to your Mac and use the QuickTime Player) showing the effect. We’re still unsure how to reproduce it.

howtogeek.com/199732/how-to- … -your-mac/

I think I know what you mean: When you long-tap the Back button in portrait, you mean the “< Back” button in the document’s navigation bar that, when tapped, opens the item list. This does not work as it’s not the actual navigation button but just the system’s button for showing the item list.

Tap it once to show the list, then long-tap the real Back button to jump back to the root.

I see now. Thanks for the clarification on how that works.

It was worth it just to learn of that link to take videos on iOS. :smiley: