Wishlist: Highlights as exportable notes

Would be nice to have the possibillity to Save and Export highlights as notes. At the moment I have to open a paper in Bookends‘ iPad-App. Or is there a possibillity to save highlighted text?

It‘s important, because this make it possible to summarize a text with the important passages.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Noted!

I second this. There is no way to locate what you have read in the past. Disappointing.


This app seems defunct highlightsapp.net

However, a feature set like this for Devonthink will be perfect.

On iOS you can use the Documents 5 app to export highlights as text; I’ve done this quite a bit.

In-app support for this would be incredibly useful to me as well however: I’d love to have DT be my one-app-to-rule-them-all (it’s already almost there)