Wondering about importing emails into DEVONthink

Thanks Bluefrog!

Now on to another issue - I have searched the forums and looked at the help files but I am still a bit confused about Email…

My wife and I have separate email accounts but would like to archive our email to DevonThink so we can search our email and cross index with the other documents in our DTP DB

Bottom Line question: is it a smart thing to move all our old email from our google host to our DTP DB and then delete the Email?

My thought is, vis-a-vis privacy, it removes a lot of our personal communication from the google servers (yeah I know this is sorta like closing the gate after the cows are out, but better now than later).

Next Question, assuming moving email to the DTP DB is a “Good Thing™” How best to do it? And, is there a way to have it automagically archive both our email accounts to our shared DTP DB?

Archiving emails is largely a matter of personal or professional preference.
Deleting them from the email account is as well.
Some do, some don’t. (I don’t except for support purposes, and I don’t delete them from Apple Mail afterwards. But again, this is my POV.)

Archiving emails is covered in the built-in Help > Documentation > In & Out > Archiving Email (and the blue sidebar (or blue text in the separate manual) denotes its a feature of Pro and Server editions).

As far as automatically importing them, no this is not a function of DEVONthink. Curating such things is better left to the individual to do, not the software.

That being said, we have provided some Apple Mail rules that can be used to facilitate some more automatic importing (though the scripts would have to be modified to delete the emails after import, it’s certainly not coded that way now). The Mail Rule scripts are covered in Help > Documentation > Automation > Apple Mail Rules (though this section is actually for those interested in possible writing their own).