Word clouds

For a little extra zip in your research files, open a document in DT, copy the text, and paste it into Wordle (wordle.net). Generate a word cloud there and print it back to DT as a PDF. The result is not interactive, but is a nice visual adjunct to the concordance. It’s also possible to copy a block of data from the DT concordance view into Wordle and generate an image of your concordance. Tag Crowd (tagcrowd.com) is an alternative to Wordle that provides an html snippet of your cloud to paste into an html doc in DT.

tried it using your post and the results are… well… “interesting” :slight_smile:

When these services offer an API it would be possible to create smart templates for them :slight_smile:

Then check this one out: http://wordics.lemmatica.com

Thank you, I’ll check it out!