Word count for a file in inspector?

I see there’s a view option to sort items in columns by word count, but is there a way to see word-count for a text file in the inspector panel?

It’s in the Navigation bar.

As noted in the built-in Help > Documentation > Documents > General


Aaah - my mistake! I had the editing bar hiding it! Thank you !

(wish the text was a bit bigger though!)

You’re welcome.

Would it be possible to have the word/character counts displayed even with the Editing Bar open?

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Development would have to assess this.

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What kind of document do you edit?

Hi Chris @cgrunenberg. Closely related to this: it would be nice to have the option to sort by character count (and not just word count) as that is the standard in many places (where I live for instance). This is, however, a minor thing. Should it be easy to accomplish, please consider it a request; if not, just ignore it.

EDIT: thanks for fixing the typo, Jim @BLUEFROG. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the suggestion - actually we collect most suggestions. Except the really esoteric ones :wink:

No problem.

I mostly work with RTF documents for my notes.

On a related note, is there any chance of introducing a styles manager for text documents (headings, etc) along with features like horizontal lines to divide documents into sections? Or being able to edit Word docs from within DevonTHINK? Some extra formatting options would be extremely useful.

I don’t know, editing RTF with style sheets is not really how RTF was designed, it was designed as a tranportable simple ‘rich text format’. Markdown would be better for such purposes.

Editing Word documents directly from DT3 requires re-transposing the code back and forth – I don’t think DT3 is designed as a word processor. MacOSX Pages works if you need to edit Word documents and export them back as Word docs.

Word is a proprietary format, like Pages, Powerpoint, Excel, etc., and must be edited in its own application.

There are already styles in rich text files. See Format > Styles > Styles or the Format > Show Format Bar.

Ah, I see. Is there any way to access the styles menu from the Format Bar? (If not that could be quite a useful feature.)