Word search and highlighting

When doing a word search, how might I get the word to be highlighted so I don’t have to scroll through the entire document on some wild hunt?

If you invoke the search inside a PDF, then CMD+G cycles to each ‘hit’, with the search dialogue still open.

If you are starting the search from the main database view (using the Find at top right), then - presuming you have ‘3-panes view’ enabled, the PDF that is displayed on the bottom half of the screen, will have the two arrows as shown below, available.

Clicking on these, will allow you to jump through the ‘hits’.

Does that help?

You’re talking about the desktop version. I’m referring to DTTG.

Search highlighting is only supported in PDFs. Search hits are accessed in the dropdown menu of search results.

OK. I now see that you can search pdfs on the desktop version from your database and see the hits. In DTTG, you have to do the search within the pdf itself to see the hits. Any search outside the pdf will not show the hits.


That really limits the search function in DTTG. Is that an iOS limitation?

It is a current limitation of the frameworks we use. Highlighting is on our list of improvements, but it is no trivial task, especially if you’re considering multiple fileTypes.

Remember: iOS ≠ macOS, so feature parity is not guaranteed. The underlying frameworks are different, and the mobile devices have limitations, due to their relative lack of power and need for battery longevity.

:blush: Apologies! That’s what happens when you see the question/post in Feedly on the phone, and then don’t check anything further when you reply on the Mac!

@Cassady: I do that sometimes when I’m looking at our Forums. :blush: :laughing:

Please count me as another person who would like the feature to see search results in PDFs highlighted when searching in DTTG. This was the reason I bought the software, to search through a large group of PDFs and pull quotes whether working on desktop or iOS. Having to go to each PDF then search again within it makes the iOS purchase essentially worthless for me. I wish I knew about this limitation before purchasing.

For DTTG, would it be possible to search for keywords in file types other than pdf in the future?

@nomenclator: While we can’t say it’s possible on just any filetype, search highlights on text-based files (plain text, Formatted Notes, etc.) may be a feature of the next major release of DTTG.Thanks for your patience and understanding.

That would be great, I am looking forward to that.
Would be nice to have highlights on email “eml” files too.

What about searching in PDF annotations, is that also on the roadmap?

I hope so. The iPad is my favorite way to annotate PDFs, but it’s a bit of a bummer when I can’t get a hit searching for stuff I’ve typed up on a blank page (handwritten annotations is obviously a different ball game).

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I agree, just made some test. I’m importing Goodnotes as PDF into DTTG. As I’m not asking DTTG to « read » my hand written text, I had text annotations with the main keywords.
But when I start a search with one of these keywords, DTTG doesn’t find it.
I hope I’m doing something wrong and it is possible to search text annotations in PDF