Word wrap in sheets?

Hi –

I’m trying to organize a task list with multiple columns about each task. Each task also has several paragraphs of text about it.

The Sheet format would be perfect for this, except… each entry seems to be limited to one line! I can force a line break (option-return), but that is very awkward if I want to change the column widths or edit the text.

Is there some way to turn on word wrap in Sheets??



Sheets are a very limited representation of CSV files – the underlying text file is not changed by the sheets’ presentation. If you need more than basic formatting in a sheet, it’s better to use Excel or Numbers or some other office suite.

Short answer: no.

e.g. LibreOffice, NeoOffice, OpenOffice. Or the Tables app.

Never seen “Tables”, thanks – though, spending $42 for a feature-limited spreadsheet program vs. $19 for Numbers — hmm, hard to decide …

Well, bummer. Thanks for the replies, all.

To be clear, I am not looking for much formatting in the tables. No need to sort them, reorder, have header rows, etc. I would just like to easily see all of text that I enter there.

Perhaps use tables in RTF files instead of sheets? Gives more flexibility on formatting (i.e., exactly what you described)

I know this is an old thread, just wondering weather anything has been done to add word wrap or formating within Sheets. I tend to use sheets for keeping a history of corespondence with a client so date sorting is important along with word wrapping. I find using tables within DT very cumbersom as adding extra rows above a current does not happen as expected.

Any advice welcome.

Thanks in advance

i am assuming you have already looked and decided you need more. i think the advice above still applies.

i use Numbers for any tabular stuff i create.

adding extra rows above a current does not happen as expected.

Clarification on what this means would be helpful.