WordService Short Date Time Shortcut in Ventura

Now that Ventura is out, the Language & Region settings no longer have an advanced section to configure U.S. date and time preferences. Therefore, the WordService Text Shortcut: Insert Short Date & Time no longer allows YY/MM/DD HH24:MM:SS to be inserted. I use this in EVERYTHING on my Macs: Notes, Contacts, DEVON products, etc.

Is there anyway that the Gods of DEVON can escalate this to Apple? I submitted a Feedback comment regarding this a few months ago in the Beta program, but, alas, it is still not in the released version.

The wonderful iOS-ification of the Mac… :angry: Unfortunately we can’t escalate anything (and actually we don’t bother anymore to send bug reports to Apple as most were ignored in the past anyway), maybe lots of users submitting feedback might have an impact. But of course not before macOS 14, I guess

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Yes, it is incredibly short-sighted for Apple to have (re)moved these options. :rage:

However, unzip and double-click this quick action to install it.

YYYYMMDD HMS.workflow.zip (7.6 KB)


Thank you very much. I have much to learn after examining its workflow.

You’re welcome.
It’s using a shell script, not the average everyday mechanism.

Though it is more limited than other automation options, you could try using Apple’s Shortcuts application to create a Quick Action.

Here’s a quick example…