Workflow DT and Readwise

Has anybody developed a workflow to integrate Readwise and DT3? Readwise is good to manage highlights from Kindle and Apple Books.


Not yet, but I keep thinking I need to develop one. Most of my Readwise highlights end up in my Zettelkasten, so my workflow at present is:

  • copy a highlight in Readwise
  • create a note in Obsidian (using my Zettel template), paste in the highlight and do whatever I need to do in terms of thoughts, questions, links, tags, etc.
  • my Obsidian vault which constitutes my Zettelkasten is indexed in DT3 so I have the convenience of Obsidian’s markdown editor, graph view, etc., and interconnection with my DT material.

Jim, is importing directly from readwise to DT something that can be done with a script?

I would think it might well be possible. Readwise does have an API, but it’s beyond my abilities. Maybe @BLUEFROG has some thoughts.

It can’t be done directly via script. It’s technically possible the API could be used but I’d have to investigate that a bit further.


There is now a Readwise plugin for Obsidian that automatically creates a note for highlights. The highlights can be stored in their own folder (or not) and DT can index that folder.

Edit: To clarify, each source gets it’s own note of highlights.

This is excellent! Thanks.

This is great news! I find this super useful and really enjoy the See Also feature in DEVONthink when I browse my highlights :grinning:

Readwise has released its official plugin for Obsidian.
It works perfectly.
You just need to have this Obsidian folder indexed in DEVONthink.
Have a nice day


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I wonder whethet anyone uses DevonThink as their read-it-later instead of Pocket/Instapaper/Feedly etc. And if so, how can we then combine it with Readwise? I can’t send my annotations/highlights to Readwise FROM Devonthink?

I export my annotations/highlights from Readwise in markdown and move them to DT3. I use Readwise mostly because I have lots of kindle books. For websites, etc., I use DT3.

I believe Jim wrote a post about how to use DT3 as read-it-later for websites, etc. In addition, there is this article: Using DEVONthink as a Read-it-later Service – The Sweet Setup

Thank you, but here I am looking for how to export/get highlights and annotations made in DevonThink into Readwise. :slight_smile: @BLUEFROG I’m very interested in your workflow on Read-it-later if you have it somewhere. :grinning:

I see :). It seems you can import your from DT to Readwise is creating a csv spreadsheet with your notes or sending your annotated pdf to Let us know the outcome of your experiments.

By the way, it seems Readwise has big ambitions: The Next Chapter of Readwise: Our Own Reading App. Let us see!