Workflow for Chromebook or Windows PC and DTTG

Question before the question: can we maybe add add a tag for “other platforms” so as to perhaps find resources that can help with android, linux, chromebook, windows, etc? I tried searching for similar problems, but I’m not finding anything…

I am wondering how I might be able to capture research done on a remote windows or chromebook computer?

I have DTTG and obviously I could save bookmarks on any of these platforms to pages that are public.
Those bookmarks will sync with Chrome on the iPhone and then I can capture them into DTTG or when I get back to my Mac desktop, I can open chrome and send them to DT3.

However, I wonder if there might be another tool/process that would make the process a bit easier?
Does anybody know of a capture tool, perhaps a Chrome plugin, that makes it easy to work on another non-OSx platform and save the entire sequence of research done while on that system, much like we can do inside the DT3 browser?

I love the DT3 browser because I can create web archives quickly and easily as I go…, but I can’t, unfortunately, always use a mac for the work I do for clients due to corporate policies, etc. However, typically Chrome is available.

Furthermore, the bookmark idea I have above is only useful for public sites. I would like to also archive information from private sites by simply sending it to a Chrome based tool and then later, extract those articles into DT3 or DTTG.

So, I’ll just repeat the question again here a little differently: Are there any chrome plugins or DT tools that would allow a remote-cross-platform research to be performed and easily captured into DT3?

Ugh! I am sorry for you. :slight_smile:

Sorry, but no there are no DEVONtech tools for such a purpose.

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Here’s my workflow when on my PC and away from my Mac. I find this works seamlessly but does require Dropbox or some other cloud based storage system that I can link to my Mac.

  1. find the article or page I want to capture in Chrome (my browser of choice when away from my Apple gear).
  2. print said article/info to PDF
  3. save the resulting PDF in a folder in Dropbox I call “File Transfer Mac”
  4. when I get back to my Mac I go to my Dropbox folder in Finder and drag the file from “File Transfer Mac” to my DevonThink inbox folder.

Once a week I sift through the DT inbox and sort all the files to their respective databases/groups.

It’s not pretty or automated, but it works flawlessly for me!

NB: I have tried this on DTTG and it works (albeit it not more clunky) on my phone and a bit better on my iPad but unless I know I’m going to need that file immediately, I find leaving it in Dropbox until I get to a Mac is just fine.

Using this method I’ve researched my last three novels and it’s second nature now to just save to PDF when I’m on a non-Apple machine!


Welcome @VikingRaider

Thanks for sharing your process and experience.
We are thrilled to hear we’ve been a part of your writing process, and hope to continue in your work and life! :slight_smile:

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Okay, that’s a good idea. I guess I’ve been doing basically the same by storing articles in and then printing them to PDF or downloading from inside my DT3 browser when I’m back at my mac.

Seems it might be interesting to have a chrome based Sorter for DT3 that keeps a cache of tags that can be used but I know devontechnologies has a lot of other work in the pipeline. Not sure how difficult it is to run and support a Chrome plugin that would need to have access to DT3 tags and a way to store data on the cloud, which isn’t part of the plan for DT, as I understand it…

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but I know devontechnologies has a lot of other work in the pipeline.

Indeed - more than people realize, so thank you for… well, realizing it :slight_smile: