Workflow for using Fujitsu Scanner with DT Personal

I am just interested in using DT for my personal documents. Can I use DT Personal with a Scan Snap 1300i or do I need to purchase DT Pro Office or DT Pro.

My current understanding of DT is that I would have to scan the document into my desktop and then drag the file into DT Personal and would not be able to OCR the document.

I’d like to automate it a bit more.

Thanks, Bill

Your Fujitsu scanner can do OCR so you do not need DT to have that feature…

Mio is correct. Most recent ScanSnap scanners come with s copy of ABBYY FineReader software, which can perform OCR on the scanner output files. You can configure ScanSnap Manager to OCR the output files.

This should be satisfactory if you only need to OCR files produced by your scanner. However, the software that comes with the scanner will not perform OCR on PDF or image files from other sources. (I confirmed that with the copy of FineReader that came with my iX500 ScanSnap.)

DEVONthink Personal isn’t scriptable, unlike DEVONthink Pro and Pro Office. You will need to manually capture the searchable PDFs into your database after they have been OCRed, and manually delete them from the receiving folder in the Finder after capture. But that can be done for a batch of searchable PDFs, so shouldn’t be a terribly onerous chore. :slight_smile:

Bill & Mio

Thanks that helps a lot.