Workflow: Home based database access for non-mac-user

Hello everyone,

I am currently looking for a setup in my home office and I hope someone might be able to point me into the right direction here.

I am using DevonThink3 in my laptop. I have all neccesary documents in my database. And I also collect the documents of my wide in a separate database. All sync store lay on my synology NAS within my home network. I sync between my laptop and my iPhoneXs.

Since my girlfriend uses a windows machine and we do not own a permanent machine at home (for example Mac Mini or iMac, etc), she does not have access to her documents without me being at home. In case of any accident, she does not have access to her documents in her database at all.

I was thinking of making use of the webserver-feature (even if the price tag is beyond my budget, so I hope for an upcoming solution by DevonTechnologies), but this webserver still requires an always-running mac for the databases.

How would you solve this problem? Is there any workaround, how I might accomplish this setup without the need to buy a MacMini or something similar that runs all the time? Is there any chance I might use my Synology NAS DS918+ for this, since it is already set up and running permanently within my network?

I hope there are some ideas coming up. Otherwise I need to re-think my whole DevonThink setup and I do not want to start a separate DMS for my wifes documents only.

Many thanks everyone, Paul

Either she needs a Mac, or you need to set up a Mac somewhere running 24/7 synced to your Mac, or you need to set up access to your laptop computer via VNC or Remote Desktop so she can access your computer when you have Devonthink set up on your laptop somewhere away from home.

Does your girlfriend have an iPhone or iPad?

Does your girlfriend have an iPhone or iPad?

Currently not, she works (due to her job limitations) with an Android Samsung and on a Dell Laptop with Windows 10.

Well, it is Christmas timeā€¦ so maybe her boyfriend should buy her a new iPad so she can run DEVONthink To Go on it!
:wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought of this as well. But my girl is a little special when it comes to new technology in the house, specially when it is mainly for the one purpose.
Thats the reason why I am looking for an alternate workflow.

@BLUEFROG: is there maybe any chance or future plan to access the database or syn store via windows (or maybe even bringing DT to Windows)? Or maybe running an own webserver somehow?

There are no such plans right now.