I’ve been playing with the iOS workflow app
It’s helped me getting things done a lot faster … for example, scanning an expense receipt, rename it automatically with today’s date and append the filename with receipt type + receipt amount and finally upload to a dropbox location.

I’d love to see DTTG be one of the recipients for the workflow action.
From my understanding, DevonTech will need to talk to workflow developer to make it happen.

DEVONthink To Go can be summoned using the “Open In” action from Workflow so basic integration should already be possible.

That was the first thing I tried … but for the life of me I can’t get DTTG as an target…

(right click on image to open in new tab to see the problem spot)

Maybe it’s an iPad iOS problem, I will give my iPhone a try too later today

Try using the Workflow “Share” command instead of “Open…”. Choose “Clip to DEVONthink” when the share screen is displayed.

Excellent solution to save receipt and become paperless “earlier”. Can scan already in the store and then done.


I would also love to see Workflow integration.

I’d also note that while yes, DEVONthink works fine with the “Open In” command, the user cannot set DEVONthink as the default recipient of that command, like is possible with many other steps. This would really help to remove a step. Of course, even better would be full Workflow integration, allowing us to choose databases, groups,tags, etc.

I would LOVE full Workflow support!

I have emailed this thread to Mac Sparky, David Sparks, the man behind Workflow.

If you have a chance, David and Katie Floyd have a great podcast that can be listened to via iTunes-podcasts, Mac Power Users.

Recently there was one show dedicated to DevonThink. Lots of great tips and other users sharing experiences centered around Apples MacOS, iOS, hardware and apps used on Apple devices.

I agree - Workflow support would be amazing.

In the interest of correctness, I don’t believe David Sparks is directly affiliated with the Workflow team.

But indeed, MPU podcast is a fantastic podcast, and the recent two-ish episodes on DEVONthink (to go) are great.

I think you are correct. David might just have made the video for the app like he did for other apps!

Should be interesting to see what happens here now that Apple has acquired and its developers: … -workflow/

Just got an answer from them this morning not so promising…

Thanks for writing in – glad to hear you’re getting a lot out of Workflow.

However, we have no further planned updates for Workflow coming. This feature may be possible to implement yourself if DevonThink has a URL scheme, but we are not planning on adding any new actions.

We will be continuing to support Workflow’s current functionality and have no plans to end support, so let me know if there’s anything else you need!

No further planned updates.

So Apple bought Workflow to kill it? Not surprising.

Answer two weeks ago was more promising! Then DevonThink was noted as an app to be added in the future…