workflow questions - bookmarks and articles


I apologize if the comments and questions here are overly simple minded. I did search for some relevant info, but I didn’t find any - so I decided to create a new thread.

My questions center around the desire to have a quick and flexible means for accessing pdf articles and bookmarked websites within my regular workflow.

Like many people, I suspect, I work with several programs open at once, moving back and forth between them and the web as needed. So, I am not necessarily going to be in DTPO when I want to search for an article that I know or think I’ve saved, or when I want to go to a website I’ve bookmarked. At such a time, I’d like to quickly access a search field - like the cmd+space for spotlight or alt+space that I’ve setup for the Tags quick search. I’ve gravitated to those because I haven’t been able to figure out how to get a quick search view like that into my DTPO databases. Am I missing something, or does that kind of access not yet exist? Is it silly to think of an option for using DA to search my DTPO databases at times rather than the web?

The reason I like the Tags quick search is that it lets me focus on searching file tags, which I don’t think DTPO allows. Again, am I missing something there? I like DTPO for applying tags and comments, labels, etc., but I haven’t found the searching for tags to be easily done.

So, thus far the most convenient usage scenario I’ve come up with is a bit heavy on the front end - I import articles and bookmarks into DTPO, apply metadata, and then export them back out to the OSX folder structure because they are most easily accessed from there.

I would very much welcome any thoughts on the overall workflow, but I am very interested in focusing on the end user experience of finding the files and opening the websites at the moment it becomes relevant.

Thanks very much,


Done. :slight_smile:

If you are running the Server in DTPO (DEVONthink > Preferences > Server > Start), and you have the DEVONagent 3.0 Menu Extra search tool running (DEVONagent > Preferences > Menu Extra > Start), then most of what you’re looking for is there.

(Personally, I’d prefer if the DA menu extra would open the original in DTPO rather than DA or the default browser.)