Workflow when doing a search

Maybe I am missing something real basic but I would appreciate hearing how other users handle this.

I hope that what I am saying can be followed.

If I am viewing/editing a file and I need some other information I do a search I see a file and I do a reveal to see that file in the context of where it is stored. Now I want to go back to where the file I was before in the group that I was in , I can’t. The back function does not take me there to the file.

I think that this is a very common type of a workflow and was wondering how other users handle this or if I’m missing something so basic.



What back function are you referring to?

The menu function Go-> Back
and the < > arrows on top.

If you click and hold the < or > buttons in the Path bar under the toolbar, you will see previous or subsequent locations you’ve been in.

If you click and hold the If you click and hold the < or > buttons in the Navigation bar above the view/edit pane, you will see previous or subsequent documents you’ve looked at.

Does that help?

I find only locations that are clicked on in the navigation pane appear in the < or > buttons in the Path bar under the toolbar.

If I click on a group in the View pane it does not appear. Is this how it is meant to work?

Can you post a screen capture of pane with the the group you’re clicking selected?

clicking on the folder will not appear in < > .

here is my workflow.
I am working here …

then I do a search for some info…

I would like to look at a file in the context of its location so I do a reveal

**Now I have no easy way to return to my previous work location context. Because I didn’t use the navigation pane to get to the exact subgroup originally. **

This is the current location. The Setting Up Students group has not become the location. It has merely been selected, and likely expanded.

If you had selected it in the Navgate sidebar or double-clicked to open it in the same window, it would be listed in the previous locations.

OK, thanks for the explanation.

But can you see where for my normal workflow, which might or not be shared by others, that it would be useful to be able to do a search and a Reveal and still come back the group environment with whatever was open before? Is this possible?


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Yes, I see what you’re referring to.

It’s actually the Reveal at issue. If you merely did a search, you could select or interact with a file, then clear the search. When the search is cleared, it would return you to its previous location.

@cgrunenberg would have to weigh in on this behavior.

Thanks for your help. While it is true that simply doing a search you could select or interact with a file, then clear the search. But I find myself doing the Reveal often do better understand the working context of the file.

The cumbersome way that I get around it is by having a second DT3 window.

Thanks for your help.

I wouldn’t call that cumbersome. It is a common practice to open a second window for searching while one is working in another window. Command-Option-N -> Command-Option-F

And you’re welcome. :slight_smile:

The next release will support revealing in a new window.


Much appreciated.

@hertzs you were not alone! @cgrunenberg many thanks for this enhancement. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wanted to right-click a result from a query search, and see it revealed in a NEW window (probably because I still don’t know how to use DT3 like a pro!).

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@Ryan_N thanks for the company, much appreciated.

I would like to add 2 points.

  • The sorter reveal function should probably work the same but then there would be no difference between the open function and the reveal function

I would level a configuration option in preferences of how the new window should appear, maybe size and location.

I use < or > buttons in the document preview pane. When you click some doc in tree pane and it is displayed in doc pane - it is remembered there. You can go back to the doc you need (in doc pane) and hit reveal - you’ll be right where you came from in the tree pane.

If it is critical for you the exact “expanded-collapsed” state, this will not work in the same location (it is reset with every time you do a new expand or collapse in this location). Current limitation is that every location (database, local/global inbox, global smart groups) remember only one “expanded-collapsed” state in tree pane: if you made your workspace, creating a specific “expanded-collapsed” state in tree pane of some location, then went to another place in this location (using navigation pane, or reveal function) and changed an “expanded-collapsed” state in tree pane there, then when you return to the previous place - all will be collapsed.

There are 2 workarounds to avoid this limitation (though I’m waiting that it will be solved soon)):

  1. Make a script to reveal in new window, or open new window and do all back and forth stuff there
  2. Use global smart groups for all your major workspaces. This way you will never loose your handmade “expanded-collapsed” state in tree pane there.

Thanks for sharing, I didn’t know that.

I am not sure what you mean?

Let’s say you work with a set of groups simultaneously for remote teaching. Mark them with the label “Remote Teaching”. Then make a global smart group “Remote Teaching”, collecting all that is marked with this label (groups, docs and etc.). Thant’s all, enjoy while teaching remotely.

This smart group will remember the exact “expanded-collapsed” state in tree pane you made, notwithstanding all your reveal journeys and working with databases or other smart groups.