Workflow with automatic log


I am new to DEVONthink and trying to use it in my office as replacement for shared folders processing in accounting. We have a structure with an inbox folder, populate that automatically with HAZEL into DEVONthink and move the files automatically to a folder archive. So far, so good. The accounting workflow should take place in DT (Check DT Inbox, post document in accounting SW, stamp document in DT that it is posted, move document to DT group were it belongs to).

What I want to know is, how can I manage to have a kind of automatic protocol mechanism for my little team (we are three people using DT on different computers, syncing into a central LAN database)? Perfect would be to have a kind of posting stamp within the PDF document with the name of the user respectively the name of the computer were the document was stamped. And it should log information in an area, e.g. the file properties area and there the comments, were the actions will be logged. Like, User X have moved from inbox to target folder, user Y has tagged the file etc.

Is this possible? Did I explain what I need in an understandable way?

Hope you can help me out.

This is not currently possible with anything built in to DEVONthink. However, we are working on some things for the next major release that may address some of these things. Stay tuned for more good things to come.

Thank you.