Working more advanced with Contacts

Hello together!

I’m really enjoying DT3 and looking forward to DTTG3 :wink:

As a documentary filmmaker I use DT as my research tool, gathering all sorts of informations. I also use the contacts linking feature, because doing interviews on phone or in person are a big part of my research work. But I wish to see all informations relating to one person in a “better” view.

Currently I have a group for every contact and inside there I store the linked contact and all other informations for example PDFs of handwritten notes, websites or RTFs-protocols of phone calls. But I’m constantly fighting to not loose the overview of what I’ve already talked about with person XY or how she/he is related to other topics (groups/documents).

Would it be possible to get the following features for linked contacts?

  • same grouping like RSS or Twitterfeeds, but with a timeline like view of the items inside when clicking directly on it
  • if there is a Twitter, LinkedIn, XING, Facebook, … , account stored in the linked contact, gathering new information from this account and show it in the timeline view
  • adding special tags to other documents, who aren’t inside this contact-group, but with this individual special tag documents would show up in the timeline with the creation date like documents who are inside this group
  • imported email or messages should also appear in the timeline, when stored inside the group or have the special tag
  • linking the contacts-group with calendar events who the also appear in the timeline-view
  • and the icing on the cake would be, when DTTG could also do all this stuff and by opening the app after a phone call, creating a new RTF-note inside the linked-contact-group based on the time and date of the phone call

I know there are CRMs but I don’t talk about customers. The persons I talk to providing a lot informations – most of the time very sensitive informations (appreciating DT’s encryption!) – and a timeline view of people related informations would be very helpful to don’t lose track.

Yours sincerely, golix