Working w excerpts / quotes referencing source / fulltext

Hi there. I am a heavy highlighter / quote grabber, moving to DTP3 from Evernote. At first I thought those could be handled by using annotations but then I realized it does not really fit my needs.
Now I’ve found that capturing every excerpt as a separate text document allows me to very precisely tag it (I use tags for topics) which I love. So I have, basically, one group for references / full texts, be it pdfs, epubs or webarchives and one group for excerpts.
When the fulltext has a URL, the captured excerpts will share it, making it a natural link between both. But what would be the best way to link an except to its document of origin?

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What file format are the excerpts? There is no excerpt format in DEVONthink.

May be you are just looking for something as simple as copy and paste the item link of your source document into each document of your text snippets.
Or you may want to take a look at this # Final version of Stack (v0.96): Create stack for each document for multiple cards/snippets with backlink, cited text or note, comment, and tagging & perhaps a synergy with the Bookend script . There are a few major and popular posts mentioned in the thread regarding the annotation and link workflow Make an Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v2 and Annotation Pane (Annotation with Links, Notes, Tags v3) .

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There are lots of ways to do this depending on your goals.

A simple solution would be to assign a unique Tag to both the source and each excerpt. Then view the set of items by filtering/searching for the Tag or via a Smart Group which filters on the Tag.

Plain text or formatted notes

Dragging and dropping web content to DEVONthink yields an HTML file, similar to formatted notes (which are still HTML under-the-hood).

Having read the above advices I decided to go for a radically simple approach that works both on DTP3 and DTTG.
I keep source doc and any excerpt / annotation from it in a same group, named after source doc.

I keep source doc and any excerpt / annotation from it in a same group, named after source doc

That sounds reasonable. :slight_smile: