Working with tabs - Show a complete folder as a tab

Hi there,

I regularly need to check between several folders during my work, not just specific documents. I just tried to open a complete folder in one of my databases as a separate tab, but every option is greyed out to do so. Opening a folder then opening a new one closes my current tab.

Is there any way to use separate folders as tabs or in another way side by side? I do realize that it does work with documents, but I just need the folder to check things from time to time.


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That’s not currently possible and I can’t say if it’s a behavior that will return. Development would have to respond to that.

You can open groups in a new window and use macOS’ Split Screen like so…

Thank you for your feedback! Is there any way to quickly open the folder in a new window? I only found the Option-Command-N shortcut, but this opens the whole database, not just the folder I need.

Split Screen is not really an option, as I tend to work on two displays and with more than two folders.

It’s available in the preference settings?

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Thanks, I didn’t see that. This, however, opens a new window every time you double-click on a folder. Which is another thing I don’t want. Some of my folders have quite a lot of subfolders in them, so I need to close all the windows manually or just use the small arrows beside the subfolders.

Perhaps cmd-o is all you need. If a group is selected when u hit the keys, a new database window will be opened with the selected group as the focus. If a document/item is selected, a document/item window will be opened.

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