Working with Word files in DT?

Hi, I’m wondering if there is any way to work with Word files in DT3? I notice that when I import a W-file I only seem to be able to index it and nada mas. I can’t annotate it in any way, unlike pdfs. Maybe I should convert the W-file to a pdf first before importing??
Any tips out there are appreciated.

Are these completed word files, or works-in-progress
If still being edited, I store the actual word file in Devonthink

Hi michaelmaser

Don’t you just open the .docx file from DT in Word (ie double click on the file, if you have set Preferences: General to “Double-click opens documents externally”, or use ⇧⌘O) as you would outside DT?

It saves back to DT no trouble.

Or is the issue that you want to edit in DT without using Word?

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Thanks Stephen.
That opens the doc and enables me to work in it, and then, on saving it, the doc is saved with those edits. Perfect. I can’t see that getting much easier.

With gratitude,

Pleasure - glad to be of some help. :grin:

my issue is exactly to edit in DT without using Word… possible?


They cannot be edited in DEVONthink, as noted in the Help > Documentation > Documents > Office Documents, Email, and Others

got it… :innocent: