Workspace feature in "As three panes" view

Having read the manual regarding the “Workspace” feature, I’ve found that it works exactly as described (my experience is that this is common when I begin by reading the manual). I’m wondering if it might be possible to make a slight modification to the way Workspaces work. Right now, the feature seems to be window based, in that it reopens the “saved” windows in the saved positions on the screen. If you use the “As three panes” view (as I do almost exclusively), it will also reveal the folder depth in the center pane if one of the open windows is displaying the contents of a nested folder. My question is could the Workspace feature remember the reveal state of a folder tree in the center pane without having any windows other than the main window open? I rarely open folders in separate windows (maybe I should), but I’ve had many instances where I wished I could open a specific folder tree view with a single click.



FWIW, and assuming it would be possible, I too would find this a very useful ‘a nice-to-have’.